Mama's Birthday on Last Sunday~

Mama's birthday was on 19th July~ Weehee~ I wished her 'Happy Birthday' on that day~ xD We didn't go out to celebrate her birthday, because~~~ Being at home for her is my biggest present already. LOL~

We snapped this photo before she was going out somewhere with daddy. Hehe~

  Mama~~ I Love you ♥  

Sunday night I was rushing the Design Document for Digital Multimedia (DM). >< Sleepy~ I went to bed in the morning before sunrise. LOL~ I was crazy. I finished my Design Document and went to bed on 5.30am. I was freaking tired and sleepy on that time and whole Monday.

But then, after first tutorial class, few of my classmates and I skipped the afternoon DM lecture and went to Pavilion for Ice Age 3. Weehee~~ It was really fun watching Ice Age 3. At first we decided to watch the 3D Ice Age 3, but it costs RM18 for normal class, wooahhhh~ Expensive. xD Then, we decided to watch the 2D one, with student price, it only costed me RM8.

After movie, we went to have our dinner at U-Village Restaurant. LOL~~ Again~ I just been there on last Monday with Aeon, and this Monday I was there again. xD

Weehee~ I ordered this for my dinner, not bad. It's Ginger Onion Fish Fillet Rice.

And one of my classmate's, Curry Chicken Rice. = ="

Next post is coming~


crazywrazy said...

yeah yeah. I choose the pics for you xD very pretty! and the ginger onion fish fillet rice look yummy!

♥ Renise said...

LOL~ thanks crazy~
when you saw any food, one word i gotta say to you, "BEHAVE"~

wuakakakaka. xD

crazywrazy said...

okay darling! I will behave when it comes to food. Hope the stress can make me thin faster :P

♥ Renise said...


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