Perhaps, It Was a Special Friday~

On last Friday (17th July), there was a mid term test for Legal Issues of E-Commerce, I wasn't prepare it well, neither in doing it. ><" Will be more focus in test next time. xD As planned, I met my girl buddy, Elza at somewhere in KL~ Weehee~ I miss her a lot ♥ She was accompanying me to fix my hair for two hours~ Thanks Elza, you're the best. *Hugs for Elza*

Then, we went to grab a drinks at Old Town Cafe in Central Market, just to spend some time chatting and enjoy the air cond in that hazy and hot weather. xD After that, we shopped around the gift shops, Guardian stores, and so on, 'cause Elza wanna get some make-up products and I wanted to get something too. xD

On 8+pm, I went out with Aaron and his cousins, Marcus and Sue Ann (the name of Aaron's cousin sister is similar with my classmate's name, Sue-Anne. LOL~~). Four of us went for dinner at Old Town Cafe (OMG~ Again~~ Just that it is another outlet at 3rd Miles, Old Klang Road) xD

His cousins are very nice and friendly, at first I was a lil worried that I might not be able to get along so well. But after I met them, fears are gone. LOL~ xD

Okkay~ Next, it was Saturday~ I went out with my mom for lunch at Nihon Kai Japanese Restaurant at Old Klang Road, together with my mom's friend too. Hehehe~ I snapped a few photos before my mom touched the food with her chopstick. xD

Weehee~ Will write again soon. =)


Anonymous said...

hmm japanese food..
i still prefer sushi king =)

♥ Renise said...

haha~ xD

vialentino said...

nice nice japanese food...miss it a lot...i went sakae few days ago...hehehe

♥ Renise said...

wooop! sakae sushi? haha.
i've been there once, the one in pavilion. xD

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