Outing with Aeon on Monday 13th July

Weehee~~~ Was the first time in this semester that both of us (Aeon and I) really went out to.. SHOP~!!!!! xD

Both of us ended our class at 2pm on Monday, then first thing came in our mind was like "Move! Move! MOVE~!" So long time we didn't get something to pamper ourselves~ Now this is the time to make up for it. Weee~~

We both spent quite some time to hunt for shoes, shirts, bags, and so on. The funny part was in Aeon herself, she said "No, we are not gonna go back with empty hands today!", when we were hunting around in Sungei Wang for about 1 or 2 hours and yet have not get anything for ourselves. LOL~~~ She was a lil thrilled that time, not to mention, so did I. xD

We managed to get something for ourselves at Sungei Wang, then, we went for dinner at U-Village Restaurant (in Sungei Wang Plaza too), and to rest our legs as well. Haha~

Here comes our drinks, Ying Yong is mine and fresh milk is Aeon's.

My Fried Garlic Pork Chop Rice:

Aeon's Bean Curd and Prawns Rice:

After dinner, we continued our hunting project to Berjaya Times Square~ Wuakakaka~~~ xD I grabbed two pairs of shoes there~ Tadaaaa~

Besides that, I got myself a backpack, a shirt and a belt. Aeon got herself a few funny tees, a pair of shoe, a bag, a belt and a semi formal blouse. Haha.. She grabbed more stuff than I did. xD

Weehee~ xD


夜风 aeon said...

no enough le.. i wan buy more.. hahah

laikepo said...

Good hunting skill get nice pair of shoe!!! Suitable to you :D

Shortdaily said...

i wish i could test the pork chop rice ^^

♥ Renise said...

aeon, errrr... next round after exam. how? xD

laikepo, thanks ya~ i like the shoes, simple and nice, and they are not expensive, 50 bucks still have change. xD

shortdaily, it is kinda nice. you should try one day. =)

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