Take a Break and Play with Wallpapers~ xD

Hahaha~ The picture above tells all~ I was doing a mini flash game for my Digital Multimedia assignment on Saturday. I spent whole day to develop that mini flash game and draw the scenery of spring for my flash assignment as well. Eyes pain at that Saturday night. @.@ And then~ The next day was Sunday~ Suppose to have a great family day, but then my mom and dad went out whole day, they went out for a date. LOL~ I became their house guard to look after the house and my grandfather. :)

Sunday~ I was drawing the diagrams in IBM Rational Software Architecture for almost whole day~ There was Use Case diagrams, Class diagram, Sequence diagrams, Collaboration diagrams, and etc. It's all for the Progress Report 2 for Object-Oriented Analysis and Design. >< While I was still busy with the diagrams, I rested a while and played with Adobe Photoshop, that was how the above picture came out. xD It's my wallpaper now. LOL~ Just a simple piece of work which done in less than 5 minutes.

Here's another piece of work. For my coursemate En Hoe. Hehehe~ I posted my "Hell Busy" wallpaper in Facebook, and he requested one for himself, so this is what I done for him. He wanted "I'm Single"~

After seeing my version of "I'm Single", here's another version of "I'm Single". LOL~ My another coursemate Zean took the previous "I'm Single" picture to edit, added the word "Available". :)

So, it then become "I'm Single and Available".

Weeeheee~ It's cool, right?
I love this "I'm Single and Available" picture.


XtasyM said...

nice wallie u did :D

Shortdaily said...

cool design... should come out T-shirts

♥ Renise said...

XtasyM, thanks for dropping by and the comment. :)

Shortdaily, I just made it for fun. You wanna take it and come out with T-shirt? xD

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