Exam Ended~ Let's Enjoy~

Last paper on 18th September, it was the Legal Issues of E-Commerce paper. Paper ended at 4:30pm, it was drizzling. So we (classmates and I) didn't hang out together after the paper. I then packed all the semester 1 materials to a box since exam has ended. :]

Saturday~ S.A. and I were waiting for time to past at first, 'cause the movie we planned to watch -- "The Orphan" was scheduled on 7:15pm at Pavilion. I wanted to watch this movie since months ago~ Besides watching "The Orphan", we planned to watch "Where Got Ghost" too, scheduled on 4:40pm, as checked through GSC website. LOL~

We go according to what we have planned, we watched 2 movies in one day. Whoooa~ I did this for the first time by watching 2 movies in the cinema in just one day.

On 4:40pm, watched "Where Got Ghost" at Hall 11, then, 7:15pm we watched "The Orphan" at Hall 9. LOL~ The movies were awesome. :]

"Where Got Ghost" (嚇到笑) Trailer

"The Orphan" Trailer

Was kinda tired actually, to watch two movies in a day.

It's Sunday, I'm back in my parents' house now. Mama showed me this box of mooncakes. LOL~ Another box of mooncake now. xD There are 4 different types of mooncakes in the box.

Weehee~ In the evening, I went out for a dinner with my parents and one of their friend, to the Grumps at Kelana Jaya, Selangor. It serves the authentic Italian cuisine~

The food there are nice~ I love the beef pizza that we ordered. :]


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