Was Out to Mid Valley Today~

Suppose to go for a date with Elza, but then.... She brought Wai Lam out too. LOL~ Surprisingly~ It has been a really long time I didn't meet Wai Lam. Hahaha~ I went Mid Valley with my sister, but then she wanna go shopping, so she didn't join me, Elza and Wai Lam.

Three of us went to Kim Gary Restaurant for lunch and chatted a while. Then, we went to cinema bout 1.30pm for a movie "District 9".

I wanted to watch "Orphan",
Wai Lam wanted to watch "District 9", and
Elza wanted to watch "The Unbelievable".

Wai Lam and I never wanna watch ghost movie in cinema, definitely won't watch "The Unbelievable", so the decision was either "Orphan" or "District 9". I betted the 1.30pm "District 9" tickets all sold out and left the front row, but..... Too bad, there are really lots of seats available. *sighs* So we ended up in Hall 16 for "District 9".

Totally I wasn't interested with "District 9" at all~ Never~ But since Wai Lam said it was gonna be a nice movie. Okkay then~ Some scenes were kinda disgusting, especially I just had my lunch before movie. Grrrr...

After movie, we grabbed a drinks at MCD. Was a very long time I didn't meet Elza, so we snapped a few photos~ Here's one of the photos. :]

While my sister and I were gonna leave Mid Valley, snapped 2 or 3 photos at North Point. LOL~ :]

Too bad, didn't manage to snap photos with Wai Lam. LOL~ It's okkay, 'cause after my exam, we might meet up again in a gang. :]


Dree said...

Oh I really want to see District 9! And Orphan, for that matter. But it's great that you guys had a good time! Enjoy the rest of your day!

♥ Renise said...

Hii Dree~

Thanks. Hope you enjoy your days too.
I'm still having exam until 18th Sept. *sobs*

kenwooi said...

district 9.. just ok ok right? lol..


♥ Renise said...

yooo kenwooi, so nice of you read my grandma posts~ hahaha. thanks for dropping by. :]

D9 ok ok only, not the type of movie i likey~ haha. xD

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