Final Destination 4 on 090909

On this very special date in this century 090909 (9th September 2009), I still gotta sit for two papers, external exam paper was on 9am, internal exam paper one was on 2pm. ><"

After the second paper, it was already 4pm, a few of us (my coursemates, housemate, one of my friend from another course, and I) moved out to Pavilion for a movie, "The Final Destination 4" scheduled on 6.45pm. :]

After we have bought the movie tickets, we went to Food Republic to have our late lunch. Haha~ Actually we did have our lunch before the afternoon paper, just that all the energy has been used up for exam. That was why we got hungry again. xD

Xiao Ai and I ordered the same food from Little Taiwan, but I forgot what's the name of this food. LOL~

After our late lunch, it was almost 6.45pm, it was really late for lunch. xD We went up to the cinema to get popcorn~ xD Weeee~ Just to fill our itchy mouths.

While the guys were buying popcorn, Xiao Ai and I was a lil impatient to snap a few pictures together, 'cause it has been a very long time since our last outing for a movie. xD

Haha~ That's all for now. Write again soon~ xD


iyouwe said...

how is the movie? great?
nanged u! hopefully u will nang me back! nang me!

♥ Renise said...

thanks. :]

Dree said...

I really want to see that movie. It was in 3D, right? It looks great. Hope the exams went well for you. And that food looks great! :D

♥ Renise said...

thanks dree. :]

exam wasn't that good as i expected. i'll try my best in next papers. :]

kenwooi said...

FD4 kinda fake.. lol.. i think the previous ones better =P

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