It's a BIG day in 1st September 2009

Wooooop! Since 8+pm yesterday, people started to wish me on my birthday~ My wall in Facebook is full with birthday wishes. On 12 midnight, bunch of coursemates were in the MSN chatroom, wishing me 'happy birthday'~ Thanks all~

1st September, I'm the birthday girl today~ LOL~ For a few pages continuously on my wall~ For the first time :]

Haha~ I wanna thank to all my buddies and friends who wished me on my birthday~ Really a lot to be listed out. Haha~ Won't be able to list them all here, so sorry~ Hehehe. I'm gonna keep all the wishes in ♥ my heart ♥ , thanks to my classmates, coursemates, buddies, seniors, juniors, housemates, roommates, parents, sister, ex-schoolmates, ex-classmates, ex-colleague, college friends, net friends, plurker friends, and so on. Weeeeee~ Really a lot of them no matter in MSN, Facebook, or SMS. :]

I'm turning to be 20-year-old girl now~
Haha~ 1st September is always falls on either exam period or exam revision period. LOL~ Since I was primary one, now still~ Exam is gonna begin on 7th September, ends on 18th September.

Dinner with my roommates, housemates and 3 of my classmates just now, together with birthday cake celebration (at House Cafe, Genting Klang). Weeee~ Special thanks to 3 of my classmates, they bought cake for me~ *hugs*

Was really full~ Haha~ Thanks everyone~ When I got back home after dinner, lotsa birthday wishes in Facebook to reply~ :]

Thanks everyone who remembered my birthday, and sent me wishes. :]


SA said...

Haha!! Happy B'day again =3

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Hapy Birthdayz again~ ^@^

♥ Renise said...

thanks soo aun, thanks tian chad :]

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