Week 1 of Second Semester

After two weeks of semester break, finally get back to college on 5th October. :] There was two lectures on that day, I thought it might be interesting, but ended up feeling a lil bored, especially the second lecture, it was the Database System. Tuesday, lecture has canceled~ Wednesday, there was a lecture/practical class, Object-Oriented Programming. The lecturer is strict, and quite friendly. :]

Thursday~ We gotta continue our CCNA to Exploration 2, Routing Protocols and Concepts. :] Hmmm... In this semester, Ms Jessie is gonna teach us Advanced Network Communications. After class, we went to lunch together with Ms Jessie. LOL~ :] She treated us drinks~ Thanks Ms Jessie~

Then, on Friday~ There's a lecture for E-Marketing for IT Professionals. LOL~ Again it's something that we learned before, in Introduction to Business (Diploma Year 1) and E-Commerce (Diploma Year 2). *sweat* = ="

Gonna get the resume done before week 3, for industrial training (internship) purpose. Then, gotta get some documents to SAS office for certification. Kinda troublesome actually~ Need to photocopy some documents, pass to the office, get signature from lecturers and so on. Geez!

Previous semester results are gonna release soon! Weeeeee~~~~ Time to suicide soon. LOL~ xD I didn't do my best on previous semester, so sorry to myself. =X Results will be released on 16th October, on this coming Friday~~ Besides, the bill for semester fees will be ready soon, have to spend about 1.5k for that. No money~~ No money~~

Write again when I have stuff to update~


vialentino said...

yeah...baby dylan hair growing fast and standing now.

btw, good luck in ur semester yeah....balance ur study and play time yeah!

♥ Renise said...

thanks vialentino :]

vialentino said...

CCNA course...wow!

♥ Renise said...

hehehe.. in TARC, only IT course focuses more on CCNA. :]

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