Exam Results Released on October 16th, Friday

Awww... I have been waiting for the results while I was in the lecture. Results usually release around 10am or later. On that time, I was having lecture from 10am to 12noon. About 10:30am, my ex-classmate texted me, asking for my ID and password to check the results for me.

In less than 2 minutes, he replied me saying that I passed all~ Pheeww~~ Then, during lunch hour, I went to check my results at CITC (College Information Technology Centre). Whooaa~~~ Complicated results table.

There are 2 results tables, one for Advanced Diploma results, one for BS Degree results. In the list of results, there are grades for main papers and grades for practicals. *confused*

I was blur when I saw this, was staring at the course codes that end with a "P". After I have asked one of my tutor, I found out the grade for course code ends with "P" is the grade for practical~ LOL~

Sighs~~ My results wasn't good! ><" Okkay~~ Let's not talk about the results.

Wednesday, I reformatted my laptop. I couldn't get into Windows after an auto-shutdown. Errrr... Wondering why? My laptop is running AMD chipset, not Intel, so it heats up easily. During the installation of Oracle 10g, it heated up and shutdown automatically. ><" No choice but to reformat it. Then, install MS Office, MS Visual Studio 2008, Packet Tracer 5.2, Oracle 10g, NetBeans IDE6.7.1, and etc.

Thursday night I was collecting resumes from my classmates through MSN and e-mail, for internship use. This is the class representative's work. LOL~ Ahemmmm~ *clear throat with laughs* The softcopy and hardcopy gotta hand in to the lecturer-in-charge together with relevant supporting documents on next week (week 3).

I have done my resume too, just need the time to type it in two pages. LOL~ Not as hard as I expected. :] The stuff which bothers me and must be attached in one of the internship documents is a passport-sized photo. Arrrrghhhh.... I went to a photo studio to reprint my passport-sized photo, was using the photo printing kiosk and the staff told me it costs RM15. Whooooa~~~ Does it need to be so expensive? o_O"

The staff then told me it will be done after 10 minutes, she didn't ask me to make any payment or deposit, GOOD~ First thing in my mind was like "good to escape", I rather print at other place. :]

Hmmmm.. What do I still need to do in this weekend? I have done my practicals for Advanced Network Communications (ANC) before dinner hour just now. It was about RIP version 2, it isn't hard as I thought. :]

I guess I gotta go to bed soon~ My eye lids are feeling heavy now.


kenwooi said...

do your best next time ya..
anyway, you blurred the grade, but i think i can guess.. =P


♥ Renise said...

LOL~ ken~ cannot be like that ehh...
don't guess, waste energy no good. xD

KwOnG FeI said...

i think the result was ok wat..
only the digital multimedia may slightly deviate..
btw jia you!

♥ Renise said...

LOL~ same like kenwooi, you guessed my grade. ><"

gotta do better in this semester. :]

renaye said...

yay for u!

♥ Renise said...

hahaha hiii~

LaLa D. Ruffy said...

this semester aim for 3.5 cgpa +U bii

♥ Renise said...

u too :]

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