There Goes Another Week, Bubye Week 3

There goes the third week of this semester~ Attended classes as usual~

On Wednesday, I thought there was a meeting with Ms Jessie regarding the Technical Team for Cisco. But then, it was actually a briefing of TARC ICT Showcase 2009 for Technical Helpers and Showcase Helpers. LOL~

According to the schedule, week 3 and week 4 suppose to do research and information gathering for the team, but I still hear nothing from Ms Jessie yet. I think she's probably busy with her stuff, she's away from college this week for a conference, she said.

Yesterday night, my team members and I had a discussion for our programming assignment (Object-Oriented Programming). Everything goes well and smooth~ Just that there was a member absent to the discussion, he was sleeping at home~ Hahaha.. Without the sleepy one in the discussion, we have a draft for the class diagram, planned for the flow of how the system will function, and the interfaces have drawn on papers. LOL~

I like doing things in this way, start doing stuff early, plan things out. So that we can manage the time better to perform other tasks. :]

It's Friday~ After lecture in this morning, there was about 45 minutes break before the next class. Again we grabbed the interval break to discuss about the programming assignment, and the sleepy one still absent for discussion. LOL~ He skipped the morning lecture.

Haha~ During the discussion, I was a lil distracted. I grabbed a camera and snapped a picture of the papers we sketched. xD

Tomorrow morning, there will be a workshop for Imagine Cup participants and a talk for Business Idea participants. So I'll have to get up early to college tomorrow to attend the workshop. :]


Anonymous said...

the group assignment....
going to do it in C++ or VB?

i presume that it will be built only for Windows use only rite?

TARC never even introduce Linux to the student at all even until now.....

♥ Renise said...

for my course, we focus on Windows only. for other computer science courses, they learn about other OS, i'm not sure what OS they are learning, might be Linux. :]

errr... for my programming assignment for OOP, using VB. hahaha. i have forgotten most of the coding, and now i gotta polish it again. LOL~

Anonymous said...

must remember C++ ler,
very important when u work next time.

coz C++ can be use in other OS as well.

But since need to pass exam, better to use VB.Net to survive 1st.


♥ Renise said...

LOL~ okkay okkay, but i remember c# better than c++

should polish c++ when i'm free. xD

Anonymous said...

try to learn python as well when u have time.
it is widely use on Linux servers.

♥ Renise said...

whoooa... programming again? i don't really like programming actually.. = ="

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