What Have Happened in this Busy Week?

I feel kinda busy this week, hmmm... Lemme think what was I doing in this week. Monday just attended lectures as usual, chatted with Aeon during lectures again, then, went to her house to hang out for a while before having dinner with her. Tuesday was busy with the proposals for Imagine Cup and Business Idea 2009 that held in college, its due date was on Wednesday. Andrew and I were working hard for the business Idea proposal on that evening, we didn't hope much in that competition, we were just trying our luck and tried our best to do well in that proposal although we were having lack of time.

Tuesday night, I was really exhausted, and... I had enough for something, a matter which arose in a week ago. There was something not right in its path and yet we weren't able to come out with a good solution. *sighs* I guess... I'm done, and I'm sorry to see what had happened, I'm sorry to myself as well.

, had morning practical class for networking, after class, Ms Jessie called me for a discussion, after discussion, all my gang went off without me, they probably thought that I'll had to discuss with lecturer for long time. *sighs* Left half hour interval break for lunch, no choice but to had my lunch with someone at the canteen, was feeling kinda awkward, I just got nothing to say.

It was quite a good Friday for me, I spent my time with part of the U1 gang during 2 hours interval break, I have got the feeling back where 'I have got my life back where I have my friends around me'. I feel great after all~ xD We had fun at the canteen although the food in canteen weren't that nice, we crapped, we laughed, we teased~ LOL~ God knows how long I have lost that kinda feeling. I miss that~
Amigos, I love ya! xD

// 'Amigos' means friends. :]

In Saturday morning, I woke up at 8am, *yawned* for the presentation of Software Design category in Imagine Cup. So, headed to college around 9am. Before Saturday, I got to know that our group didn't manage to get to semi-final for Business Idea Competition, same goes to Software Design I guess... I could see the judges' expression before I left the room. Things done kinda fast, I back hostel around 11+am if I'm not mistaken. I then watched the drama which I'm now catching, "Beyond the Realm of Conscience" (宫心计). It's an interesting drama~

Then, around 1.30pm I met up with my girl buddy~ Weeee~ I miss her so much~ xD I have my lunch with her at McD, chatted since 1+pm to 6+pm~ Hahaha~ Not a new record, we just used to hang out like that and share our stories although we seldom meet up. :] Before I leave, I printed a few photos at the photo printing kiosk, it costs me RM1 per photo in 4R size, I have printed five of them. xD

31st October~ It's Halloween Day~ Happy Halloween to everyone, and... Happy Birthday Andrew, my classmate. xD

Errrr... I guess, it's time for me to continue my work, blog again next week. :]


crazywrazy said...

Nice new header! Awesome indeed! The pumpkins are cute as well :)

♥ Renise said...

hahahaha thanks aaron :]

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