Middle of the Semester, Busy Like A Bee

It's week 7 of the semester now, mid terms are all around, assignments due dates are getting closer as well. Last week, There was a mid term test for Mobile Computing on Tuesday, and skill-based test (SBA) for Advanced Network Communications on Thursday. Phewww~~ But until now, we still have no idea of the test results.

Last Friday evening, there was a gathering to celebrate my ex-colleague's birthday, she's a TARCian too. :] Hmmm... The photo isn't clear.

Yesterday, I had an interview for my internship at KLCC, not sure how's the result, but the person-in-charge told me that he'll lemme know by Wednesday. Since I still have another company offers me for internship, so I don't mind spending a lil time for his reply. xD

Arghhhh... I'm so sleepy now. Had an online test for E-Marketing this morning, wasn't doing well. It's okkay, I can do better in my assignment. :] Lecture at 2-4pm was canceled, as outing has confirmed in this morning, so I went for a movie with my girl buddy Elza. Weeeee~ We watched "2012".

Seriously it is the greatest movie in this year 2009, and it's worth for my money. LOL~ The movie is around 2 and a half hours, I don't wanna comment anything, you really should watch it if you still haven't watch it. :]


kenwooi said...

2012 is great! =D


♥ Renise said...

hii kenwooi,

yah it's great, i was so focus in that movie while i was watching it in the cinema :]

Bradley Jesse Hyunckel said...

2012 and new moon is a MUST...
but surely new moon is gonna burst with taylor aka jacob's new haircut...dont 4get those hunky abs and torso...dont drool over him :p

♥ Renise said...


i'm not a fan of 'twilight' :P

Bradley Jesse Hyunckel said...

hello...how come you dont like twilight leh???if you dont,you not girl wo...

♥ Renise said...

this is ridiculous. where got people judge like this de?

Sassy said...

2012 is a great movie but some of the scenes are over the top.

I have seen some documentary shows which have better narration and footages of what we can expect on doomsday.

♥ Renise said...


thanks for dropping by sassy :]

Anonymous said...

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