I'm... Feeling Bad...

I'm feeling terrible right now, I don't mind seeing things go on as I wasn't expected it to be. Recently, pressure is killing me, it's like forcing me until the corner of 2 walls. I feel like escaping in every time I know that I gotta face the truth of how 'well' I perform in my studies.

I never have such terrible feeling when I was studying for Diploma. I mean.. I did have difficulties in times, bad feeling when I was studying Diploma.. But, in this time, the pressure is far more heavier than I thought I can handle. I never struggle in such situation for a long time.

I remember the days when I was in high school, I did badly when i was Form 4. I ruined my studies badly for co-curricular activities, and I thought of withdrawing my studies from that high school. I don't mind that teachers weren't care of my problems, but why wouldn't they show come care to me? I contributed my time to school and yet they treat me that way. I was performing well ever since Form 1, didn't they care?

Okkay, fine. I got no more comments for government high school.

Losing hope in studies is creepy to me. There's a programming practical test tomorrow, a report for database to hand in. Yet I'm stuck with programming now, have not even start doing my part of work for database. I'm dying in programming this semester, and database is even worst. I really feel like escaping to hide myself, 'cause pressure is hunting me tightly.

I hate being like this, and I hate having such feel. I hate that I'm being emo right now.

Advanced Diploma has totally big different compared to Diploma. No longer can negotiate due dates with lecturers, gotta complete our work seriously, lecturer no longer being so good to check your work with one eye close, and so on.


Yah, I'm being serious in my studies, but it's hard for me to do well this time. I'm stuck in here, doing my programming practical, and gotta write for database later in which I totally got no idea where should I start and how should I start writing.

I'm sorry for being emo at this time. *Sobs* Shall back to my programming practical now.


Bradley Jesse Hyunckel said...

girl,too emo bout study eh?chill

♥ Renise said...

thanks dude :]

Kelvin said...

Take a deep breath, relax and eat something sweet^^

i wishes ur exams will pass with flying colours:)

♥ Renise said...

thanks kelvin :]

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