It's Lady GaGa! And photos of Her~

I bet 99% of you heard of Lady GaGa (or perhaps, 100%). For some people, they love her because she's a pure ART? Or maybe she's HOT~ Love the way she dressed up herself? For my opinion, yes! I love her, she's really a pure art to me. Look what I found here:
She is Pure ART. Lady Gaga is the creative production of 22 yrs of living---and it shows. One of the first pop artists in a long time to BLEED and FEEL art, putting your whole soul into MUSIC. Everything about the haus of gaga is amazing--the cinematic music videos, the slightly androgynous dancers who are awkwardly beautiful like lady gaga herself. the high fashion that Lady Gaga lives and breathes; a whole new culture has come to life. innovation unseen, sounds never heard before.....lady gaga is here to stay.
(quoted by: Ladygagette, Cleveland, OH, US)
Hmm... For those who don't know who am I talking about, look here, this is the famous Lady GaGa. The radio used to play her songs "Paparazzi", "Bad Romance", and etc.
(High quality photos might take time to load)


Let's see more about Lady GaGa.. Her original name was Stefani Germanotta, here is a photo which dug up by Perez Hilton, the 22-year-old pop sensation back when she was a fresh-faced New York high school student:


She used to have a beautiful long brown hair before she became Lady GaGa.

Left: Lady GaGa now. Center and right: Before Lady GaGa was famous. (Image: Snapper Media)

She is a talented young lady, here are a few photos of hers when she was not 'transformed' to Lady GaGa yet:

Photobucket Photobucket
(Image on right: Primmer past: Stefani Germanotta as she was in her schooldays, by: Sharon Churcher, 17th May 2009, New York)


and NOW, she's Lady GaGa which a lot of people admire her.



Lady GaGa and Paris Hilton, during the Nokia 5800 Launch Party at Punk Soho, London (27th January 2009):


Lady GaGa was in a skintight rubber skirt and a bra? (29th January 2009)

(Image: Splash News)

Lady Gaga shows her ass more, while she was performing at the House of Blues in Chicago, Illinois (24th March 2009)


Lady GaGa X-taped her lady-lumps, it has turned to be the most provocative outfit so far (16th April 2009):


Lady GaGa walks around the streets of Manhattan in a red see-through jumpsuit complete with devil horn shoulders after her concert at Terminal 5 in New York (4th May 2009):


Lady GaGa's fiery performance in Much Music awards, Canada (21st June 2009):


Taken while she was leaving a hotel in Denmark (31st July 2009):


Lady Gaga covers the December 2009 cover of Flare Canada.
(The cover was shot by Max Abadian)

Lady GaGa-She is the coolest famous person out right now. She does sexy right. She is so bad ass, and like sexual, but no one would think she’s slutty, whereas Britney Spears, among others that try to do girl risque just make it look gross and itchy. Lady GaGa has this disturbed artisticness to her that’s so cool.
(quoted by: Shweta)
Haha. I spent about 3+ hours to get this post done. I'm not a huge fans of Lady GaGa but I do admire her a lot, especially her music, her style, her music videos are real artistic too.

Gagalicious Rocks

* I do not own anything of the material posted above. If there's mistake in this post, kindly drop me a message in the comment box. Thanks.


Ariff Suffian Zainal  said...

She is definitely super sexy :) Great info thanks!

Kelvin said...

My friend hate her like mad lol^^

♥ Renise said...

Ariff, it's great to share :]

Kelvin, LOL~ i have a coursemate who loves Lady GaGa. haha~

Tammie said...

I find your blog(like this post) REALLY interesting.

I always thought Lady Gaga's fashion sense is weird.And I never understand it.Wow, X-ing her lady humps is really
but her music is addictive and catchy :)
and hey! she used to look normal too!quite pretty XD

thank you for sharing this post! :D

misaMisaN said...

Lady Gaga Bow Hairstyle.. Lubb it!!

♥ Renise said...

yooo! glad that you like the post, Tammi. :]

misa, it's her trademark of fashion maybe? haha. heard that she love Minnie mouse. xD that's her real hair.

Yummy~licious said...

wow...Gaga ~ rated X!!!
haha =)
Click click ur corby~
thx for dropping by

♥ Renise said...

hehehe you too yummy, your blog is sweet. i like your latest post xD

Stefanie said...

Rock star!

♥ Renise said...

hahaha yeahhh~ she's a rock star! xD

Willy C. said...

I dun really fancy her She's quite the hamsap one eh..haha..

♥ Renise said...

hahahaha.. yah... she gave me that kinda feel too. xD

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