Random Update in Christmas Eve Week xD

On Monday, Barney and I thought of skipping lecture and go for a movie, but then we decided not to skip lecture after that. LOL~ We went to pick up our Diploma certificates at the Exam Division. Here's my Diploma certificate, with merit. :] It's just a Diploma certificate, no big deal~ I'm looking forward to get my Campbell University BS Degree certificate in year 2011. Weehee~

My CCNA Exploration 2 certificate, Ms Jessie has signed for me on that day too. :]

After class on Tuesday, I went back home to celebrate 'Winter-End' Festival (冬至) with my family. Mama made 'Tang Yuan' for us~ It was a delicious 'Tang Yuan' in Pandan flavor~ Haha~

In Tuesday as well, there was a simple Christmas gift exchange session after our last lecture. I got a solar-bunny-thingy which to be put in car usually. xD Wrapped with wrapping paper was a gift from Yean Ting, our lovely Course Rep. :] Thanks dear~ *Hugs* xD The red boxed in a row, was from Eric, our Printing Manager. :] Thanks Eric~

After unwrapping them~~~~ Yean Ting's gift was candies and chocolates, Eric's gift was Ferrero Rocher chocolates! LOL~ 5 of them in 5 lil boxes. So cute. xD

I love chocolates, especially dark chocolate! Ferrero Rocher is not that sweet, nice. xD I just don't like creamy or chocolate that has heavy smell of milk, it's too sweet for me.

Wednesday, I usually have class with Aeon in the evening, somewhere in Genting Klang. After class, we went to dinner and 'yum cha' session with some of our friends at a cafe in Wangsa Maju, hung out until 12.30am. Long time never crap like that.. It's okkay to hang out till a lil late, since my class for today is 2-5pm. LOL~

It's Christmas eve today!

Any plan? I'm currently having no plan~ LOL~ Gonna have class from 2-5pm later. Speechless~

Let's enjoy a song that I got it here, it's Wonder Girl's Nobody.
I love the beat!


My Taste Heaven said...

cool...you have really cute gifts!!!

happy 2010!!

♥ Renise said...

hehehe thanks, same to you too :]

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