Our First Ex-5sc1(2006) Gathering @ Mid Valley and Brickfields, KL

Let's have a break, have a KitKat! LOL~ I love this KitKat, especially in Dark Chocolate flavor~ I had once, in long time ago, and this time my mom's friend bought it for us.

Chocolate is not my main point in writing now. For our very first time, we only able to gather less than 10 of the ex-5sc1 students who graduated in year 2006. Whooaaa... 3 years back we were all in the same class in 5sc1. xD

Most of us are still studying Diploma or Degree, only a few of them are working currently. :] Some of our ex-classmates weren't be able to come to our gathering, 'cause they went to outstation with family for Christmas. Well, it's okkay~ We still enjoy ourselves.

We met up and had our lunch at McD, Mid Valley. Then, we snapped some photos before leaving Mid Valley. There were 8 of us in Mid Valley which were Edward, Wil Ther, Rizman, Elza, Fong Ling, Manimegalai, Zalikha, and I. Our Chairperson of the gathering were ABSENT! *Faint* He planned the gathering but not showing up on that day, heard that he went back to Ipoh because of family stuff. Errrr... Meet him next time then.

Hehe~ I have not been to anywhere to snap photos for this Christmas, pity me. So I grabbed a moment to snapped the Christmas decoration in Mid Valley before I left. xD

Okkay, we then moved to Old Town Cafe at Brickfields, just nearby to our high school. :] Haire joined us together, and there goes the crapping session. Haha~ We talked about our high school teachers, some of their Form 6 experiences, a lil bf-gf stories, and etc. :]

(Elza was the photographer, not in the photo)

Weeheee~ We are looking forward for our next gathering, 'cause we really enjoy all the craps and stories so much. xD

Oops, by the way, new blog banner is up!

Happy New Year 2010 to all my friends and you!


Bradley Jesse Hyunckel said...

if it for 5sc1,then y kuhan invite me then???me 5a1 cannot join la???
better im not there,coz it'll seem awkward,

Stefanie said...

glad that you'd fun. :)

♥ Renise said...

LOL~ yoo brad! welcome everyone de~~~

hii stefanie~ thanks for dropping by :]

Bradley Jesse Hyunckel said...

aiyah if i go there sure everyone will hit their jaws drop to the table...except mani and haire...(shh...secret)

♥ Renise said...

hahahahhaha xD

cik EPAL said...

i love kit kat :)

♥ Renise said...

hahaha. see if i still have one which can spare you the chocolate xD

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