It's Year 2010, What's in Your Mind?

Have you ready for the year 2010 although it is already here? Ready as in various of aspects, your career/studies, your plannings, your goals, and etc.

Come on, just spill what's in your mind to a piece of paper maybe, or make a check-list for yourself. :] Seriously, I have not ready for year 2010, I mean errrr... My studies is awful, time management is still that level, there is a number of stuff I wanna do before 2009 went to the end, but yet I still did not manage to complete them. Perhaps I gotta try harder in this year, 2010.

On New Year eve, 31st December 2009, most of the people went out to enjoy themselves in parties, gatherings, and so on; but I was at home, unpacking my stuff that I shifted from my hostel back to my home during the evening. Haha~ Home sweet home ♥ I shifted back to home from my lived-3-years-hostel. I thought I would have bunch lots of stuff (or rubbish *laughs*) to shift from hostel, but it wasn't. Phewww~ xD

I didn't go out to any particular place to hang out with anyone during New Year, just stay at home, trying to put myself into assignment mode. *Speechless* Now, I'm in the middle of something -- Object-Oriented Programming, gotta continue soon.

It's another year to go, probably everyone has own new year's resolution, do you have one? :]
Here's mine, just a draft one:
  1. Improve health, lose weight, try to do better in exercising by spending half hour in everyday.
  2. Save money, spend it thrifty.
  3. Do well in internship later in April to September, learn as much as I can, might be able to master my 'Googling' skill perhaps.
  4. Try harder to pull up my CGPA, but before that, gotta improve my time management first.
  5. Gotta improve my skill in handling stress, be more organize in my daily routine.
  6. Spend more time with my family, since I have shifted back home.
  7. Be more serious in doing important tasks, gotta focus more.
  8. Practice more in driving maybe, it has been a while I didn't sit on the driver seat and hold the steering wheel with my two hands. xD
  9. Spend time with friends whenever I can squeeze some free time other than spending it with my family.
  10. Care for my friends who need me. :]
Will write again when I'm free~ Exam timetable has released, it does freak me out a lil, 3 subjects stick in a week, OMG~! I'm gonna be a dead meat. Database System, E-Marketing, O-O Programming on 18th, 20th, and 22nd of January, and the final subject Mobile Computing on 29th January. I guess it is better that I should keep my fingers crossed. =X


kenwooi said...

all the best in achieving your resolutions! =)

♥ Renise said...

hehehe same to you too ken. :]

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