Still in CNY Mode~ CNY Part 2~~~

5th day of CNY, went out to Elza's house as planned. Grabbed ang pows~ xD

Then, went for a movie with one of my friend, watched "The Wolfman" which I think it's the worst movie I ever watched in this year. Sweat. = ="

Then, 6th day of CNY, Friday~ Most people started to work already. Weehee... I watched a CNY movie with my family~~ "72 Tenants of Prosperity" (72家租客). Hehe~ I bought the tickets on Wednesday morning. :]

7th day of CNY, went to relative's house at Sierra Seputeh for a visit.

Then, watched "Valentines' Day" with friends at The Curve. The story is kinda interesting, a lil funny too. :]

Then went to mom's friend's house at Bandar Utama for a visit. Arghhh~ It was a tiring day~

It's 8th day of CNY~ Will be going out to lecturer's house for a visit later~ With some college mates too xD


Tekkaus said... and your family watched the movie?:)I wanna watch too.

♥ Renise said...

hehehe yah~ spend some time to watch it yah~~ :]

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