Yoo~ Imma Say 'HI' to Semester 3

Weeheee~ Haloo to my 3rd semester of study~ xD

Just a short update here. Last Saturday night, my parents and I went to 1U to enjoy the crowd, look at it's CNY decorations, the prosperity cats. :] Snapped a few photos for them, but not me. xD And then, on Sunday, went out with my babe -- Elza again. Just grabbed a drinks at Mid Valley, enjoyed the crowd again. But on that day, we met quite some familiar faces, are all our high school seniors. :]

On that Saturday, and Sunday, I got something as gift for someone, and I got myself one thing too.

Okkay, Monday! 3 hours of class only~ Only? Arghhh it was a 3 hours practical for Advanced Network Communications (ANC), which is for CCNA Exploration 3, about LAN Switching. From 9 to 12 o'clock noon, to digest the stuff in the lab manual.... Errr... Might be the 1 week semester break has completely put us into holiday mode that's why? xD

And today, I have Moral dan Etika tutorial. OMG~ Malay language subject. *Speechless* Arghhh.. Why don't college change its language to English? Since about 8 out of 10 words in the text are those words transformed from English to Bahasa Malaysia, such as 'definisi', 'justifikasi'... Then, 2 hours lecture for ANC.

Arghhh... I'm still looking for applications for Windows Mobile 6.1, dictionary and so on. xD


kenwooi said...

enjoy your new sem! =)


Tekkaus said...

Time flies like nobody business right? All the best in your new sem. :)

♥ Renise said...

thanks :]

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