Semester Break Continues...

Well~ On Wednesday (3rd Feb), went out for lunch and movie with dino, Barney. :] He bluffed me that he bought tickets for "Tooth Fairy" which I have watched before. Ended up in the cinema, I have a weird feeling that it didn't seem like the opening of "Tooth Fairy", and I found out, it was "Tiger Woohoo" (大日子)! Yeah~! I wanted to watch it for quite some times already, but it was either selling fast, I couldn't get a nice seat or it was sold out. xD

Hmmm.. Barney, you dare to dally with me huh... xD

It's a production from Malaysia, not to say we have to support blindly, but... It's really a great movie from Malaysia! I like its storyline. :]

After movie, it was the time to head to college, I have to return the books to library. Then, headed to Genting Klang for something, after that, dinner with Aeon. :] We discussed a lil about FYP again.. Hmmm.. Gotta get the proposal done soon.

For so long time I didn't drive, when my mom reached KL Central to fetch me, I got into the driver seat and drove back home safely. LOL~ xD

Thursday (4th Feb), I was at home whole day. Found this cute mascot picture from the movie "Tiger Woohoo" in the Internet, anyone know anywhere which is selling it? xD

Hmmm.. JR asked me about what is my to-have list, here's my so-called to-have and to-do list:

1. new hand phone, budget around 1.1k;
2. new lappy, budget around 2k; (not important)
3. surprise present from someone ♥ ;
4. get a present for someone ♥ ;
5. one domokun & one tiger woohoo;
6. finish up my book;
7. learn a new language;
8. get a title and proposal done for my FYP;
9. do well in my Wednesday's class;
10. love everyone who care for me ♥

Hehe~ This is just a simple draft. xD

One of my college friend sent me this song few days ago, I think it's a great piece of music to share here, it's Group One Crew's "Forgive Me", part of the lyrics are from Bible. :]

Next~~ Friday (5th Feb)! Went out with my mom and sister this morning~ Hoho~ Shopped two shirts to prepare for industrial training later. :] After lunch, my mom and I hung out together in Mid Valley. LOL~ I guided her in the car park. =X

We were there till about 4pm, bought some groceries and few boxes of mandarin orange. :]

It's gonna be Saturday tomorrow~ Semester break is gonna end pretty soon.


Tekkaus said...

So the movie is great? It is not in the cinema already right? Too bad. :p

Perhaps I should get the DVD. :D

Shortdaily said...

i don even know there is a malaysia Movie arround, thanks for you sharing~

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