My So-called Semester Break xD

There go my days after exam, having 4 working days off as my so-called semester break. *Tsk tsk tsk* Still consider good for me, 'cause I'll get bored after 1 week holidays. xD

Semester 2 is done~ Next semester will begins on next Monday.

On Saturday (30th Jan), met up with my babe - Elza at Mid Valley, just to hang out together since I have done my exams~ Then, Tc came and joined us. :] Great to hang out with Tc together for the first time although I have already know the existence of Tc since my first year Diploma. LOL~ Barney wasn't free to join us, too bad for him. Haha~

Then, Sunday (31st Jan)~ It was the time to put our plan in action, Aeon! It's time for Shopping Spree!! Weeeeee~~~

I was out for whole day, almost. Got up from bed around 11am, went out with my family for brunch (breakfast + lunch), then meet Aeon at Pavilion KL. Shopped from Pavilion, to Times Square, and Sungei Wang. While shopping, we enjoyed the crowd too. LOL~ *Was lying, tiring to be in the crowd* Shopping malls usually crowded with people on weekends, especially on the season where CNY is near. Haha~

So, it was just me and Aeon~ The girls' shopping spree~~ We actually planned to shop in about 2 or 3 months ago. But then, we were seriously busy with mid terms, assignments, presentations, and exams. *Sobs* Finally, we can put our plan into action! xD

Here's my leader of the day, Aeon. LOL~

This is a part of my "war trophies". Haha~~ Spent about RM200+ from Padini, Voir, and some other places, 'won' 5 shirts, a shorts, a pair of shoe, and a belt. We both shopped from around 2pm till almost 8pm. Tired~~~ I did window shopping on Saturday, real shopping on Sunday. LOL~ Legs are breaking. Haha~

Then, on Monday (1st Feb), it was the Federal Territory Day (1st Feb). So, whether it is a public holiday or not, I'm still in holiday. =X I didn't have anything particular to do, whole day stayed at home, was watching about 6 episodes of Ghost Whisperer season 5.

I stayed at home for whole Tuesday (2nd Feb). Hmmm... Heard from JR that the movie "1408" is interesting, so i watched it at home after I have downloaded the movie. It is a movie screened in year 2007. This horror movie really creep-ed me out. *Pheww* For so long time I didn't watch any horror movie, until that day I watched "Case 39" and this "1408".

Hmmm... Besides "1408", I was thinking for the title of my FYP (Final Year Project), grabbed some opinions from seniors, and friends. And discussed a lil with my teammate Aeon. :]


Anonymous said...

yerr got me inside

♥ Renise said...

LOL~ ennorh~ xD

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