I Finally Smell You~ FREEDOM~~

Yeah~ I'm back! Hahahaha~ Let's wave your hands with me to EXAM~

Exam just ended by today~ I left the exam hall half hour earlier, can't stand myself being in that room already, 'cause I was a lil lost while doing that paper. =X I went out, text-ed a few people... Ended up Barney was free to hang up with me, didn't know that he was in college too, for a talk, while I was having my exam.

So-called 'Captain Barney' suppose to plan an outing to celebrate exam ends, but... Oikk! Barney, where is your gang? Your gang went missing in action? LOL~

We went for dinner at Noodle Station after we have bought movie tickets for "Black Ransom" (撕票风云), a HK movie. Actually we wanted to watch Tiger Woohoo, but, tickets sold out. =X

Here's my dinner.

I used to hang out with my buddies at YoYo Snack, but it has shifted out from Mid Valley, so we got ourselves to Noodle Station. Same place but different business is running there. :]

Here's the movie~ Kinda interesting. At first we couldn't get tickets for the movie we wanted, so we decided to watch "Black Ransom", we worried that it wouldn't be a nice movie, but after the movie... Not bad wehhhh~ Story is kinda interesting, typical investigation of the cops against the underworld. :]

Few days ago, I watched another movie, Case 39. It is somehow making me nervous while I was watching it. It's more interesting than "the Orphan". xD

Really feel released after exam is ended. :] Although I only have 4 working days off which considers as my semester break, *sighs* still can grab a lil time to slack for a while before next semester starts. xD


shengfatt said...

enjoy urself after exam...huuray!!!!
great movie!!!!

nanged. nang this to read Apple's secret in dealing the new tablet-IPad!

♥ Renise said...

hii shengfatt, thanks for dropping by, nanged yours. :]

kenwooi said...

exams' done, time to enjoy! =)


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