Beauty on Duty~~

Weehee~~~ The only subject to sit for exam was Moral & Etika. One and only day for exam on 5th April. Hahaha~~

6th April, so-called semester break begins~ Hung out in Mid Valley with Eric, my coursemate, then, met my girl buddy Elza with her friend. LOL~ We shopped for groceries for the very first time with a trolley. OMG~ We were doing what aunties do. Hahahaha~

Then, Wednesday, hung out at Digital Mall with Tommi during afternoon. Hoho.. He spent almost all his money in his wallet for a printer. xD Heyy... Tommi, your first time buying printer experience gave to me already. xD *LOL.. Just kidding*

After that, heard that Elza's sick, I went to her house to see her. :] And errr... To have our grandma stories session as well. xD

Thursday evening, went for a movie with Fei in Mid Valley. We watched "Beauty on Duty" (美丽密令). It's funny and cute~ More interesting than "Just Another Pandora's Box" (越光宝盒). Hehe.

Beauty on duty soon~ LOL~ Or... Should I say, Renise on duty? Haha~ I'm gonna start my internship by next Monday. Gonna work from 9am-6pm like most of the Office Ladies do, formal corporate wear everyday except Friday. Haha~ Every weekday to and back from Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. LOL~

Hey hey! Look at this, saw "Kacang Pain" written on top of the container? xD I saw this when I was out with my mom and sister to shop for groceries this morning. Haha~ The nuts are in pain? Sometimes, Bahasa Malaysia can be really really funny.*Tsk tsk tsk*

Write again when I'm free~~


kenwooi said...

lol the trailer.. certainly emphasize beauty! =P

♥ Renise said...

hehe yah~

Eevee said...

hi, how long is ur intern?

♥ Renise said...

eevee, 6 months intern :]

Eevee said...

wow.. so long ur intern. my intern end soon lur.. back to study life

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