Internship Week 1

Started my internship on 12th April 2010, in one of the company located at HB Megan Avenue 2, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, KL. :] Hehe~ Was doing system testing on the first two days, to understand the system we are currently working on. Then, the third day, there was a simple task assigned to me -- to filter data and display the result in a page. We are using APS.NET for the system, writing in VB language, using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 for database access.

WOOT! @@ Write in VB, I gotta change programming brain's language to VB. Hahaha~ Got me stunned for about one minute before I start writing my page. xD And errr... Besides using Microsoft SQL Server for the first time, it is also my first time in using Microsoft Visual SourceSafe here. Hmmmm.. See? I know more stuff than the stupiak noob (stupid) Renise before. LOL~ :]

Last Saturday night, I joined Fei and his gang to Port Dickson for BBQ session. Weehee~ xD They used to have 'yum cha' session at night, but this time, we went there for BBQ. Had a great time with Fei actually, we went to Jusco to buy groceries for BBQ night, and we bought movie tickets for a movie on Sunday, really had a great time with his gang of friends at Port Dickson although it was drizzling that night. Luckily Rain God didn't make us cancel our BBQ night, there were 14 of us for BBQ, we still set up the fire and barbeque until 3am (Sunday), had a walk at the beach side. xD

Weeheee~ We watched "Ice Kacang Puppy Love" (初恋红豆冰). It's a nice movie, about a girl and a guy being so good friend for each other since their very young age.

It was 19th April yesterday, Happy 1st Month to Fei and I.


kenwooi said...

happy 1st month =)

♥ Renise said...

thanks ken :]

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