Awwww... Renise is Sick~~

*Sobs* I was so so so sick since last Thursday evening, started with headache, then, fever came to attack. I went to work as usual on Friday, but then I felt extremely cold in the office after a while. Air temperature in the office as usual, but... but... I started to shiver, s~h~i~v~e~r~ OMG~

I left office on lunch time, I can hardly feel my feet stepping the ground, was I floating? xD

Went to government clinic after lunch, nurse checked my body temperature, she said "38°C, demam" LOL~

P/S: I went to government clinic because it is not confirmed that company trainee can claim medical fees or not... *Feeling so... Speechless*

I thought fever's temperature is like over 50°C, but I'm wrong. *For ages I didn't fall sick or get fever, I seriously don't know how much of degree Celsius considers fever*

* Normal temperature – 97 to 99 degrees (36 to 37.2 Celsius).
* Low-grade fever – 99 to 100.9 degrees (37.3 to 38.3 Celsius).
* Common fever – 101 to 103.5 degrees (38.4 to 39.7 Celsius).
* High fever – any fever over 103.6 degrees (39.8 Celsius).
Tadaaaa~ I got the above information from a random website. xD

On Monday, I still didn't feel well, so again.. I applied leave orally to my CTO. And again, went to the same clinic that I went to on last Friday, somewhere near Puchong. And a nurse checked on my body temperature again, guess what? Again~~~!! It was 38°C, "masih demam", she said. T_T

Seeing the same doctor again, she didn't speak much, she decided to direct me to hospital for a blood test. In case of H1N1 or.... Dengue? She wrote a letter and I picked Hospital KL, so she signed and asked me to go there ASAP. =X

After blood test, waiting for doctor to be back after lunch. The paper besides me is the blood test report. *Many lines and I have no idea what are they*

Okkay, at the end, there are medicine for fever, cough syrup *Hmmm? I'm not coughing at all* and medicine for flu. *my nose is working perfectly ehhh...*

Lastly, it's a pack of antibiotic tablets. OMG~ Total of 28 tablets, 1 week supply of antibiotic ehhh... 2 tablets each time, 2 times a day. *Faint*

There~~~~ My first two MCs ever~ I never get any MC before, even in my primary or secondary school, and not even during the days I have classes in college.

So sorry to all of you, I wasn't have mood or time to update here until now. xD

I'm feeling... Somehow better now, just errr... Some ulcers outside my lips don't look good, so I gotta wear mask when I'm outside. =X


Lisa717 said...

u gotta take more rest ya!! hopefully u will get well soon!!
God bles^^ *hugz*

kenwooi said...

recover well ya =)

♥ Renise said...

thanks lisa, and ken. :]

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