Steamboat Buffet on Weekend

Last Saturday evening, Devis and I together with a few of his friends had dinner at Hoi Tong Steamboat Restaurant (海塘鐵板火鍋) at Serdang. It's a buffet steamboat with lotsa choices for you! I love its Tom Yam soup! :] The price is quite reasonable, around RM25 per head (what I mean is per person). xD We went there for dinner was actually celebrating one of our friend's birthday, just a simple dinner gathering.

Errr.. Too bad I didn't snap any picture during the dinner.

Then, it was Sunday~ We planned to go SJKC Sentul for a charity bazaar, but mom called and said there was not have much food to grab for lunch so... We didn't go. Let my mom spent that 20 bucks vouchers. Haha~ She then packed quite a lot of food back home. LOL~

These are some of the voodoo dolls that my sister made to be sold in that charity bazaar. I don't know whether they are cute or... Somehow scary, because of their eyes. xD

It was the Dragon Boat Festival or known as DuanWu Festival (端午節) for Chinese on yesterday, Devis finished working earlier than usual. Weeee~ We then watched an old funny movie at home, then, went out to grab a drinks with his buddy.

I gotta finish up my UML diagrams soon, 'cause I gotta show it to my supervisor this Saturday. *Sighs* Let's watch some interesting videos~

Entertainment news first~ Jolin and Jay on the stage~ It was Jay's concert, Jolin as his mystery guest. (Turn up your volume as the audio level is very low in this video)

And some creative stuff~


John said...

title and content, dame not same.

Chen Ee said...

for me the voodoo doll quite cute. for the title, is not so appropriate.

♥ Renise said...

the title for top content only, i got nothing much to write. sorry~

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