Rush Hour~~ In Short Semester, My Final Semester~

Okkay, let's start one by one~ LOL!! Fast and Furious 4 gets into theater on 2nd of April, I watched it the next day (3rd of April). WOW~~! It's really nice~ Especially the beginning of the movie, YOU MUST NOT MISS IT! xD

Wanna know how cool the movie is? Simply google for it you'll get lots of results. Haha. =P It's a really nice movie, I wanna watch it again~~~ xD And I wanna watch The Shinjuku Incident too~

Then, the next day, on 4th of April~ I celebrated my buddies' 20th birthday. It was so sweet~ Was quite some time we didn't meet up together like that. *sobs* Elza's birthday is on 4th April, and Edward's birthday is on 5th April, it's convenient to celebrate together 'cause I was not free on Sunday, gotta revise E-Commerce for its mid term test. = =" If not, I'm sure I'll drag them out to somewhere for drinks again. xD Elza, Edward and I were at McD earlier, then we moved to Secret Recipe~ With Kon Nee and Vincent. xD

♥ While Elza and I were at McD, Elza gave me a cute pose. xD

♥ Elza made her wish on a burger with fry on it as candle, and tomato sauce on top made it looks like a lighted candle on a round shaped cake. xD Wanna know who made it? I'm the genius~~ Came out with that idea in less than 2 seconds when I saw Edward put his burger on the table. xD

♥ Kon Nee and I while we were at Secret Recipe

♥ Our cakes ordered in the first round. LOL~

♥ Edward with his birthday cake, it's mango flavor I guess. (Ordered in second round) xD

♥ Elza and her birthday cake~ Haha. It's Carrot Slice I guess. xD

Didn't manage to snap photos from Vincent, Hehe. He felt shy to snap photos~ LOL! Just kidding. xD

When I went home, I went online, MSN, facebook... Then, all of a sudden, the screen goes black. I was like, WHAT?!?! *sighs* My notebook was down. Arghhhhhhh! How can it done that to me~? T_T I hunted for advices and solutions around, found out that the problem occurs in the internal hard disk, it's having bad sector. *sobs* Then I formatted the hard disk with a fresh copy of Windows. Lucky I use to back up my stuffs to the external hard disk. Or else I'm sure I would gone crazy! *speechless* Now, the stuff I wanna save, I'll save to my external hard disk, scare of the internal hard disk already. =X

I stayed awake on Sunday night~ It's tiring, to revise on E-Commerce and make sure my notebook works. Online, browsing, revising E-Commerce at the same time. xD I took a short nap in the morning (Monday) then wake up and hit to college for class. Sleepy~ After college, I started to work on programming~ C#~ ASP.NET~ I went to Xiao Ai's house to do the programming assignment.

I'm still working on it~ Reservation almost done, and Xiao Ai's report module is almost done too. Hope everything runs smooth in the program. *finger crossed* Gotta gambatte for now.

I gotta grab my rest now. Nights~


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