A Tiring Week Ended, Here Comes Another Week~

Tired~ Tired~ Tired~ I have been so busy for the previous week, wasn't get enough sleep everyday, it was really hectic. *sighs* Busy for E-Commerce test and I was fixing my notebook whole Sunday night, lucky I have passed my E-Commerce test. xD Then, Monday right after class and I started to work on my mini project, to develop a reservation system using C# in ASP.NET. I was doing the reservation part, where my teammate Xiao Ai was doing the report generating part. Has been a few days we both were working on this project. Made my eyes feel so tired man~ Was keep on focusing to the computer screen. Until I couldn't get myself outta the screen. LOL!! xD

When we combined our modules of the system, lucky to find that no difficult issues to solve~ YEY~ It does save a lot of time for us actually, by not having issues that are hard to solve. Xiao Ai and I were jumping up and down for not having difficulties in combining the system. LOL~ Just kidding, we aren't kiddos anymore. xD

We done our system testing very well in the computer lab on last Thursday, and our tutor who in-charged of my tutorial group, wasn't giving me much negative comments. Haha... I just don't wanna hear any one of the negative comments. I tried my best to give her the best thing I can do, so that she can relax her mouth in giving comments. The only thing I wanna know is the improvement that can be made to enhance the system. Well, we have done our system, and I just burnt a few copies to the CD, in case the main copy cannot be opened or having problem in executing it. Gonna pass the CD to her later. =)

Okkay, that's the end of the story for system development.

Then, Friday~ Arghhhh... I wasn't have enough rest for work. My coursemates were here in my house to rush for their project, the reservation system development. They were here until 6+am. I only slept bout 3 hours on Friday morning, then I gotta get myself ready for work. It's tiring~ I was working for Pikom PC Fair at KL Convention Center. Friday and Saturday I was working there, in Hall 2. I met a few of my coursemates, my ex-colleague, my ex-housemate, my friends, and my seniors in PC Fair. Haha. xD

Then, I was transferred to work in Low Yat on Sunday. My boss said he lemme rest on Sunday~ Wuhuuuu~ I'm not the only one who transferred to Low Yat, there's a guy colleague of mine who was the same with me too (transferred to Low Yat), but I don't know what's his name. So sorry to him. =X

My boss used to place his promoters in different places all the time, some from Low Yat to PC Fair, some from PC Fair to Low Yat. xD I was at ViewNet on last Sunday. The staffs there are all nice people, so do the customers~ Kinda relax on that day, 'cause wasn't much people being in Low Yat, probably all went to PC Fair already. xD One thing I feel sorry to my boss was.... I couldn't get him some sales, awwww. >< I'm gonna work hard next time. =)

Tamadun Islam dan Asia final is coming, gotta get some time to revise soon~ Anymore stories to write? Hmmmm... I'll continue later when I have any. xD


a Q r a m said...

I feel like wanna go home. I'm also tired.

♥. Rëŋϊѕë_ ✖ said...

gogogo~ buy bus ticket go home~ xD

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