Short Update~

My friends bought this two things on my convocation. Guess what is this two things. LOL~ They are cute, look like water bottles, but they are fans. xD This two fans are not mine~

After convocation, back to study again. >< Monday I had a Digital Multimedia test, I didn't have time to do revision for that. I'm dead~

Monday night was doing the English oral presentation outline, for my tutor to check. I did until 12+am, sleepy~~~

Wednesday morning, Network Communication test was scheduled on 11am. While my gang and I was going to have our breakfast at 10.30am, I fell down somewhere near to the UTAR entrance and my left palm was injured. T_T There was a heavy rain on that morning, and the walkway of a lot of places are still wet. When I walk that time, I didn't realize that I took a wrong step on something, and I fell down. *sobs*

Haha, since I wasn't prepared well for the Network Communication (NC) test, I thought of telling my lecturer that "I'm left-handed, I can't sit for the test due to my left palm's injured". Haha~ But I didn't do so. Not good to cheat anyone~~

After the test, I bought a book for NC subject, "Routing Protocols and Concepts: CCNA Exploration Labs and Study Guide" for RM47.00 from the book supplier.

Here's a little about CCNA:
CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate. CCNA professionals can install, configure and operate Local Area Networks or LAN, Wide Area Networks or WAN and dial access services for small networks. CCNA certification is the foundation and the novice level in networking. It is the only exam required to get a Cisco routing and Switching certification at an associate level. CCNA certification is awarded by Cisco Systems. It is for individuals who are interested in building a future in the networking domain. This certification is the prerequisite for any further Cisco certification. This certification increases the professional credibility of the candidate. It does so by the high standards of technical expertise gained by the professional. This professional is equipped to improve network performance and security. (Peterson, 2006)
Weeheee~~ Thursday and Friday was a lil free compared to the few days before that. Just installed an application in my lappy, IBM Rational Software Architecture. It is used to draw Class diagrams, Activity diagrams, Use Case diagrams, and etc. It's a very useful application. :) It's for me to do the case study of the subject Object-Oriented Analysis and Design.

Hmmmm... I gotta start preparing my stuff for the coming week. I'll be having NC lab test and English oral presentation on Tuesday. OMG~ Two things happen to be in the same day. Geez! ><

This NC lab test is known as SBA, should be 'Skill-Based Assessment' if not mistaken. xD

Gonna prepare for the test and the oral presentation later. Will write again when I'm free.


Ning said...

be careful :) your textbook is so freaking cheap la wey~ compare to mine.. 700++ >.< *can buy a dozen yet still have money to go yumcha!* lol

♥ Renise said...

*sobs* yah, will be careful. :)

your course is more professional ma~ that's why luuu~ xD

kenwooi said...

omg your palm.. get well soon ya..

wow you doing CCNA?? routing protocol means CCNA 2 right? haha.. =)

♥ Renise said...

errrrr... if not mistaken, this semester is CCNA 1. xD

hehehe~ thanks kenwooi for remembering my blog. weeee~ xD

blu3b3ll said...

aiyo.. so careless.. be careful next time ya.. wish u recover soon... ^^

♥ Renise said...

hahaha. the skin on my palm is recovering. no more seeing the dried blood on it already, 'cause i cut them out. =X

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