I Gave Something and I Earn Another Thing~ LOL~

Hmmmm... I did quite a meaningful job this week. It's kinda memorable. :]

I donated my blood for the first time on Tuesday. Together with Aeon, Cosmic and Kevin to the college hall for blood donation during our 2 hours interval break. I never thought that I'm able to donate successfully. Previously my mom was worrying for my condition, she said that I won't be able to donate blood and so on. On that blood donation, I have successfully donated 450ml of blood. *Unbelievable*

WOOT~! My coursemates then said I should not donate that much for the first time. They said I should donate 300ml only. LOL~ No wonder I was feeling terrible after blood donation. *Sobs*

Lucky after the lecture class, lecturer sent me home. And one of my coursemate accompanied me home too. Thanks a lot. Thanks a lot to a few coursemates who took care of me on that hour. I'm sorry to make you guys worried about me. =X

I'm feeling a lil relieved after blood donation, I have no idea why am I having such feeling. =X It's like I'm having a brand new myself. LOL~ I've done something which I never know I can do it. I was afraid of the needle that the nurse was gonna put to my forearm, but I made it! :]

Hehe~~ Then emmm.. On Wednesday, I'm able to attend class as usual. :] Andrew, Choon Leong and I went to library, spent about 1+hour to photocopy past year papers for a few subjects. Then, went to lunch and continue classes till 6pm.

Thursday morning, as I've made an appointment with a company nearby my house for my internship on next April, I gotta let the director of that company signs a B1 form for Internship Programme of my course. I went there for the first time, the company agrees to take me as their trainee without interviewing me. LOL~ The director has contacted to the lecturer-in-charged of Internship Programme for my course, and he's satisfied with my academic performance, so no interview is needed. xD

So, it means that I got the job as trainee with no interview is needed. It's a small-sized programming company. Lecturer said that it's better to learn and gain experience in small firm. So, I guess I'll will be able to learn well and know how each step of the process goes in the small firm. That B1 form is signed and returned to the lecturer~ I'll report myself to the firm on April 12, 2009. :]

Friday~~ I was at home the whole morning and afternoon. Went out with my mom and her friend to Mid Valley, meet another friend of hers, and have dinner together. We were having Thai food for dinner. LOL~ It was kinda delicious. Well, I get used to eat spicy stuff.. So.. That dinner wasn't spicy for me as I expected. xD

After dinner, met Jessie coincidentally at my sister's workplace. I miss her so much. I called her name when I saw her, and the first thing she did wasn't to call my name but ran to me and hugged me. Awwww... What a nice warming hug. xD

After that, it was already 9:30pm, I then dragged my mom to Swatch. xD She knows what I wanted. Weeeee~ I've chosen SnowCovered. YEY~~~ xD

My mom don't really like the design especially the color, it's about all white. She said it's hard to see the time. Errrr... It's because she has presbyopia, so when she look at the watch, she can hardly know what's the time. LOL~ But I really want this watch, I fell in love with it for the first sight. xD

Hehe~~~ She then get it for me as my Christmas present. Weeee~ Thanks Mom!

Time to sleep~ Nights all~


kenwooi said...

the first time i donated blood was in 2007.. i still remember how it went... i know after i donated blood, i black-ed out.. haha.. crazy huh?

but the few times after that.. im okay edy la... i donated 6 times only.. =)


Čღήήϊє ﺖ said...

good job gurl :) proud of u. I wanted to donate blood lastime but i can't doante due to anemia.

Theeggyolks said...

wow! congrats!

♥ Renise said...

kenwooi, you 'geng'! donate blood to people who need it, it is such a great job.

connie, my mom used to say i have anemia, but i donated for the first time, hopefully my blood is okkay after tested.

theeggyolks, thanks for dropping by :]

Bradley Jesse Hyunckel said...

early christmas present....mana gua punye???

♥ Renise said...

hahahah ask from your mom bradley :P

Kelvin said...

I wanna donate blood too, but there is something wrong with my blood...my blood is very watery... haemophilia...

♥ Renise said...

awwww.. they will understand your good-hearted heart de.. :]

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