Mooncake Festival Has Just Passed, And Intern Is Ended. What's Next?

Hmmmm~ Everyone has a great day on Mooncake Festival? Or known as Mid-Autumn Festival~ I miss those days when I was still a kid, lighted up lantern, hand made lantern usually~ And also lighted up quite a lot of candles at the balcony~ LOL~ Perhaps, I've grown up a lot compared with last time, or didn't have any kid to play with me like holding a lantern and go for a walk, or light up candles at the balcony or anywhere. Awwww~~~~ T_T

Everyone enjoy eating mooncakes? xD This year, I really ate a lot of mooncakes, OMG~~~ It's sweet and FATTENING~! Haha~ This year we get to taste mooncakes from various brands and also traditional home-made mooncakes too~ And ends up, my house got lots of mooncake boxes~ LOL~

When I was a kid, I remember my sister and I love to eat this kind of mooncake~ It is made of glutinous rice, it's written "Biskut Pulut" on the plastic~ xD In Chinese, it is 彩虹月糕? Translates it to English would be Rainbow Mooncake~ Haha~

Tadaaa~~ I find this very cute, my sister bought it home, Japanese-style mooncake, very small and it's expensive. xD

And, Japanese-style 'mua-chi', nice packaging right?

Besides about Mooncake Festival~ Recently I had 2 gatherings with ex-classmates~

One was high school ex-classmates when we were in form 5; another one was.... Primary school ex-classmates. :]

In conjunction with One Malaysia Day on 16th September 2010, our event organizer -- Elza called a few monkeys to meet up at Mid Valley. 6 of us turned up, 2 or 3 people stood us up. Hmmmmp!

We went to walk around, enjoyed ourselves in the crowd, lunch and tea-time together~ At the end we stopped at Noodle Station, to grab a drinks~

We should snap another picture with the camera-girl in it! *Sighs* Thanks to Elza, the camera-girl of the picture above.

Hehe~ The picture I've edited for fun, it's 600 x 220px:

The pictures of primary school gathering are still pending, they are in one of my ex-classmate's camera, gotta wait for her to upload or send to me. :]

24th September 2010~!

It was my last day of internship in the company I'm currently working now~ The coming Monday, 27th September, I'm going back to my college life, enjoy the final semester of my final year in college. T_T

Undergone 24 weeks of internship, it was about half year's time~ I was being in this company for 24 weeks, it wasn't a short period of time, and not a long period of time too. I was here for internship on 12th April 2010. Time passes quite fast though.

I heard from some of my classmates who were also undergoing internship at different companies, some of them were stressful with a lot of tasks, couldn't finish on time until they gotta stay back in the office till very late in the evening; some have to go outstation from time to time and couldn't learn much in those companies. After knowing their situation, I'm glad that I was lucky to finish my internship in this great company.

Million thanks to all my colleagues here, who have guided me for so many things in this 24 weeks, they taught me a lot of things like teaching a kid how to write. Thanks for their patience. :] There's great leader and colleagues in here, everyone's so friendly and nice. I'm gonna miss all of them~~ I enjoyed my lunch with them yesterday at DOME @ KLCC and had a group picture with them after that. The pictures are in my bossy's camera. Well, this is my lunch~~ Spicy Olio Pasta, NICE~~

Internship is ended, back to college life for my final semester pretty soon~! Haha~ So I washed my pencil case, my bag, and my coin purse too! Can't believe I'm so good girl this time, LOL~

I'm gonna finish up my diagrams for FYP before I meet my FYP supervisor next week. :]

At the end of the post, I would like to share this song to everyone, she definitely has a nice voice~ It's the female version of Bruno Mars' song -- Just The Way You Are.

Have a great day ahead to everyone! :]



ken said...

i didnt eat much mooncakes this year.. haha..
and yeah, time passes by real fast.. =)

♥ Renise said...

yeah~~~ so fast it's my final semester in final year already :]

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