Long Time Since I Last Updated Here~ It's October 2010 Now!

On 30th September, I was out with friends after class! To GreenBox @ Sungei Wang, KL. :]

Then, was out with my ex-classmate when I was in high school, we hung out The Coffee Bean @ KL Sentral, KL on 1st October. My Tripdecker Cheese Cake, I felt full after i took half of it, because it's so cheeeeezy! Haha~

The next day after that, I had cheese cake again. Fattening, right? Awwwww~ I was with my mom at Amcorp Mall, PJ. Dropped by at Secret Recipe before heading back home.

Hehe~ During tea time there will be a free coffee or tea if you get a slice of cake! I got myself a cup of white coffee~

Again I was out on the following day~ LOL~ It was weekend, and it was my time to spend with Devis. =P

Same type of coffee but I grabbed a hot one for myself, cold one for him.

Delicious dinner I had~ Come from one of the new stuff in Old Town Cafe's menu.

After a long while, there was a RM2 Bonanza for all Sushi King card members to enjoy rice based sushi on kaiten belt for RM2 per plate. Hoho~ 3 coursemates and I finished up 35 plates. I was so so SO FULL~!

Arghhhh~ I had enough of food, FOOD, and FOOD~!

Lucky I still able to maintain my weight, YES! xD

Last weekend, I went for a movie with Devis and his friends. We watched a 3D horror movie -- The Child's Eyes (童眼). OMG~ I never watch horror movie in cinema before this.

Windows Phone 7 already available in the market! LOL~ I saw a few new models of HTC PDAs come with Windows Phone 7! Awwwww~~~To experience how Windows Phone 7 looks like in its interface -- Try it here!

The Start screen in Windows Phone 7 and another screen shot:


I'm gonna be pretty busy from October onwards, for my final semester of study. *Sighs* Busy with research report, final year project, assignments (are also doing researches *faint*), and so on. After internship ends, I really don't have much time left for myself. *Sobs*

So, most probably I can hardly grab time to update here. Anyhow, I'll update here once I'm free for blogging. :]

Hmmmm... Anyone notice that I have changed a lil stuff of my blog? =P

Before I end my post, I wanna share a song here, Rihanna's Only Girl (In The World). Enjoy~!


Angie Tan said...

fuyooo.. That's one big post for the entire month... Been busy, eh?

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