Woot! Monthly Update on November, Ohh Nooo~~~

Devis and I got ourselves a pair of slipper each, 'cause our previous slipper were about to donate to the trash bin. LOL~ In return for the slipper that he bought for me, I bought him a shirt too, in pairs~ One for him, and one for me. :]

On 20th November, Devis and I together with his friends went to Full House Cafe at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, KL.

Look at its menu, it's more like a weekly magazine than a menu for food and drinks. LOL~
It is simply awesome :]

The romantic chandelier at its staircase to the upper level of cafe.

A little flash back to college, hmmmm... This is the poster about Green Grid technology that I have designed using on-line resources, for ICT showcase @ TAR College, KL. Special thanks to my sister who is doing graphic design course in teaching me how to use Adobe Ilustrator. :]

Hmmmmm... Let's count how many days remaining for me to be in this college, not much..

This is the lab where I attend Workflow Management practical class.

And I snapped this while I was distracted a little by... I didn't know. =P

This is one of the Cisco Lab in my college, topology drew on white board for students to do networking practical.

Was at Li Garden @ Low Yat Plaza, KL for lunch with my mom's friend, while my sister and my mom were at a camera shop next door looking for a professional camera. My sister got herself a Nikon camera~

The reflection of lights hanging at the ceiling looks simply elegant at the mirror. =P

Hot lemon tea, hmmm.. just random snapped one.

Haha~ I miss this kind of biscuits so much, my sister and I used have it when we were still kids.

Garrrrrghhhh... This picture was snapped when I was doing revision for Web Service quiz outside the lecture hall. A lot of students were there too, doing last minute revision. :]

My sister got her new camera, so I played with another camera that my god-brother borrowed to her, an Olympus camera. I don't know what's the model. LOL~ Never mind. :]

Snapped a few photos of my HTC Touch Diamond 2.

And... My shoe which it got wet on the day before that. *Sighs* Rainy evening after my class ended, so it got wet and gotta wash it.

Last weekend, I finally got to watch Rapunzel (a.k.a. Tangled, or Tangled Tale). xD
I love the movie~


ken said...

till today i havent get to try full house.. lol

♥ Renise said...

you surely feel worth going there for a drinks and snap nice photos xD

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