Happy New Year 2011, Happy Chinese New Year to Everyone!


I was at Mid Valley and The Gardens with my mom and sister on 15th January 2011. And my sister snapped a few pictures of me. :]

On 18th January, we have finally finished the last paper in TARC! Here's our group photo for my group. XD Cheeeeeese~~~ *Two classmates were missing in action*

After exam is done, we had a great time during Prom Night 2011. :]

Xiao Ai and I ♥

Me and Ms Jessie, she was my Cisco networking tutor:

Me and Ken, he was one of my tutor:

My another buddy - Barney:

Ermmmm... I met my high school gang on last Saturday, 22nd January. There was only 6 of us turned up.

Then, I watched "Homecoming" with Devis and his friends on Sunday~~ *Laugh die me* The whole movie is really funny, and it's meaningful too~ Wooooo~~ It is FANTABULOUS~! Haha~~!

February is coming soon~ I gotta spend my time for Final Year Project! Before starting all the hard work, I'm still enjoying myself with Devis's PSP. LOL~

24th January, it is a memorable day for me and Devis.

It is Devis's birthday today, his first time celebrating birthday with a girlfriend.

And it is the first time for me too, to celebrate boyfriend's birthday. :]

Happy Birthday Devis!


Čღήήϊє ♥ ﺖ said...

love ur red color top! ;)

btw,happy chinese new year to u~~

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