February and March 2011

RAWRRR~! I'm back!

It has been a very long time that I was away from my blog. I was busy, really really busy. LOL~ I was busy with my Final Year Project, for almost more than half a month in February.

My FYP system testing was earlier, among the earliest compared with the college schedule. Hehe~ It was about 2 weeks earlier than the other. After system testing, I was busy with the Final Documentation which has about 9 chapters, I've completed it in 70+ pages. Phewwww~ It was tiring~ But the hard work pays, I smell the sense of accomplishment. LOL!

After I've done with the FYP, there was a late celebration of Valentine's Day with the deary. :]

This is my Valentine's Day gift from Devis

He bought me a DOMOKUN earlier, before the Valentine's Day. But we celebrated the day of romance kinda late, a week after the the 14th of February. Hmmm... I made a cake for him, a chocolate cake. I made it for the first time, I'm glad that I've made it nicely and taste so delicious. LOL~

He loved the cake so much. *Yummilicious*

After the submission of Final Documentation on 1st March, Barney, Aeon and I went to KLCC for a movie. We watched "I Am Number Four".

After movie, we got ourselves a cup of coffee from Starbucks each. And then spend our time together chatting, laughing, snapping photos and left around dinner time.

Thanks to Aeon for her cool camera with lomo effect and I've came out with this cool banner in my blog. LOL!


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