Renise's 21st Birthday *Long Post* xD

Taadaaaa~ Here I come!

Finally I manage to grab some time to edit some photos to blog now. xD Sorry peep~ Not being busy to forget about blogging, just that I wasn't feeling well for the last two weeks. My condition wasn't good from time to time, suddenly feel okay but then suddenly not.

1st September, there is a very intelligent girl *ahem ahem* born to this world~ That's me!

I've invited a few persons to my house for dinner, just a simple dinner, simple celebration of turning 21. :] This cheese cake is made by my best girl buddy -- Elza. xD Awwww... It touches my heart~ Look, she even put toppings~ Haha~

And this is the cake that my mom's friend bought for me. :] Cappuccino flavor in the inside~

Hmmmm.. Here come my colleagues~ 7 of us in total~ We went to Sakae Sushi @ KLCC for lunch~

Haha~ Although I didn't eat much on that day, but still enjoyed myself being with them to have lunch together.

Besides the celebration for Renise in turning 21, I went to the 5th Chinese Book Fair at KLCC last Friday with a few of my friends, I bought two books only. Then, we have our lunch quite late at... Sakae Sushi again. LOL~ After late lunch, we went to Mid Valley for "Step Up 3D"~~! We watched it in 3D~ That's my first time in watching 3D movie. COOL~~

Weeheee~ This movie is great~ And I mean, it's AWESOME~! You won't wanna miss it~

Okay~ Besides all the late celebrations~ I still got one to share~ Haha! I hung out with a few of my colleges gang yesterday~ Aeon wanted to meet me to pass me my birthday present that she has bought earlier. So, I planned to ask Barney and the others to come out for dinner, 'cause we used to chat and crap in Skype everyday but hardly have chance to meet up since we are undergoing internship in different locations.

4 of them turned up in Bangsar yesterday for dinner~ Barney, En Hoe, Aeon and Yik Farn. Guess what, again.... It's Sakae Sushi, at Bangsar Village II. *Faint* This was my 3rd time visiting Sakae Sushi in September 2010!

p/s: Arghhh.. Forgot to snap photo of Yik Farn. *Sighs*

This is En Hoe and Aeon~ They used to quarrel in Skype chatrooom which Barney, and I will be in all time~

Meet Barney~

Barney's work~ He captured his own cup using my PDA.

Haaaaaa~ Aeon and Barney captured each other in this pattern just same as what Aeon did.

LOL~ We didn't hang out together for so long~~ Like ummm.. about a month? I remember we met up in Aeon's birthday last month. xD

Last but not least, thanks Aeon for the present she gave to me~ Besides Aeon, thanks to Elza, Kon Nee, Uncle Lian Peng and Auntie Lih Jun for the birthday presents~~ And thanks to everyone who wished me for my birthday~ There were over 100 wishes in my Facebook. LOL~

T-h-a-n-k-s everyone~


Thristhan said...

Sakae Sushi is the best :) and happy birthday belated to you.

Sarah Lee said...

Happy belated day :D

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