Free Postage on June, Let's Enjoy Shopping!

For this whole month of June 2011, almost, I was busy with my tiny little business. I know it's kind of late to start business like this, but this was what I always wanted to do on-line, since... God knows when. *winks*


It's now having FREE postage promotion for RM 20.00 and above, for clothes only and shipping within Malaysia only. :]

•▸ Street Boutiqué Shop有什么特别?
•▸ What's special in Street Boutiqué Shop?

[1] 您可以有多样化地选择上衣/T恤,背心,连身裙/裤,裙子/裤子,丝袜,还有特别的假睫毛,手机美容饰品等等哦!
You can have variety of choices in Tee/top/blouse, singlet, dress, pants, skirt, silk socks, and not to forget, handbags, purse, fake lashes, phone make-up stuff and more!

[2] 无法在本店找到您的心头好?请联络店长,以便告诉您的要求,我们会尽力为您寻找您喜爱的衣衣!
Could not find any of your favorite here? Please contact us to tell us your requirement or your wish to get the desirable outfit for yourself!

[3] 要是您不满意本店的服务/货品,请联络我们,好让我们有机会改进,在将来为您提供更好的服务/货品。
If you feel dissatisfied of our service/product, please let us know, so that we know that there is room for improvement to serve you better in the future.

•▸ Street Boutiqué Shop提供什么选择?
•▸ What's available in Street Boutiqué Shop?

• Handbags ♥ 美包包【新】
• Accessories ♥ 非主流个性商品【新】
• Watches ♥ 手表【新】
• Coin Purse ♥ 可爱零钱包【新】
• Details Photos ♥ 实拍
• Dress/Pants ♥ 韩版连身裙/裤【新】【Part 2】
• Pants / Skirt ♥ 韩版人气女裤/短裙【新】
• Cotton T ♥ 日韩全棉T恤(实拍)
• Lashes ♥ 迷人假睫毛【新】
• Phone make-up ♥ 手机美容【新】
• Couple Tee ♥ 情侣T恤【新】
• Dress/Pants ♥ 韩版连身裙/裤【新】
• ♥ RM 25专区
• Singlet★日韩小背心【新】
• Girl's Top ♥ 韩版上衣【新】
• Silk Socks / Legging ♥ 美眉性感丝袜 / 裤袜【新】
• ♥ 饰品 (现货)
• Purse ♥ 俏丽钱夹

Click on the link above to know more! Thanks! Please drop by to spread some love :]


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